Luola Consulting

Luola Consulting is a language service provider founded in 2019. Our company is formed of a collective of language industry professionals who are highly experienced in the production of a wide range of language services. Our services include translation and content production as well as training and consultancy services. We specialise in the translation and production of a wide range of text types, from creative texts to highly technical documentation.

More information on our services and special fields can be found here.

Our core values:

  • Openness – Our clients receive an honest estimate of the time and work needed for each part of a project.
  • Expertise – Our skills and knowledge are at the core of our business.
  • Strong ethics – We adhere to the ethical guidelines of our industry, and our client relationships are based on trust.
  • Reliability – We are a reliable partner to all our clients.
  • Interaction – Our work is based on the open interaction between our experts and clients.

Our services

Luola Consulting provides a wide range of language services. We can take on any project without compromising our quality control or technical execution. We are strong believers in transparent and customer-oriented service and always tend to our customers with the utmost confidentiality.

Our services:

  • Translation
  • Language quality control
  • Training services
  • Content production
  • Layout services
  • Linguistic testing
  • Terminology management

Our language pairs:

  • Finnish–English–Finnish
  • Swedish–Finnish
  • Norwegian–Finnish
  • Danish–Finnish
  • French–Finnish
  • German–Finnish
  • Dutch–Finnish

Please contact our customer service if you wish to enquire about other language pairs. We are happy to help facilitate translations into other languages.

Our specialty fields:

  • Academia
  • Automotive industry
  • Life sciences
  • Electronics
  • Pharmacy
  • Public administration
  • Legal
  • Engineering
  • Culture
  • Medicine
  • Medical technology
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Tourism
  • Mechanics
  • Business and economics
  • Information technology

Who we are

Laura Ekberg

Translator, content producer
Chair of the board

Heli Ervasti

Translator, language technology expert

Sam Parwar

Translator, content producer
Vice CEO, member of the board

Turo Rautaoja

Translator, content producer
Member of the board