Your local language service professionals

Luola Consulting is a language service provider founded in 2019. We represent a group of language industry professionals who are highly experienced in the production of a wide range of language services, from translation and content production to training and consultancy services. We specialise in the translation and production of a wide range of texts, from creative texts to highly technical documentation.

For more information about our services and special fields, please visit this page.

Our core values:

  • Openness – We provide our clients with an honest estimate of the time and work required for each project.
  • Expertise – Our collective expertise forms the foundation of our business.
  • Strong ethics – We adhere to the ethical guidelines of our industry, and our client relationships are always based on trust.
  • Reliability – We are a reliable partner to all our clients.
  • Interaction – Our work is based on the open interaction between our experts and clients.